Java Video Reviews

There are a huge amount of Java videos available! Some are better than others, some are more suitable to beginners some only to experts.  It's not always clear from the title and description of the video to which the audience the video will appeal.

The aim of this page is to review the Java videos I watch which hopefully will be useful to readers of this blog. Happy to take guest reviews and add them to this page. Tweet me if you have any reviews you would like me to copy to this page.

Interview with Heinz Kibbutz
Heinz talks about his views on programming and focusses on how to deal with interruptions and the difference between the CountDownLatch and Phaser.

The Modular Java Platform and Project Jigsaw - Mark Reinhold
This is a really good introduction into the main feature of Java 9 - Project Jigsaw.
As always with Mark Reinhold very well presented and easy to follow.

Stuff I Learned about Performance - Mike Barker
Excellent video about Java performance in real systems.

Aeron: The Next Generation in High-performance Messaging - Martin Thompson
Entertaining and very informative on a new ultra-performant messaging system.

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